About Narvell T. Mann & The Tape Measure

Mark A. Nash began writing about Narvell T. Mann in his book The Right Measures which was published in August 2012 by CRC Press.  Narvell, the central character in this business novel, blogged about his life and eventually it focused in on his young professional career journey.  This journey about how many companies struggle to find and understand success is the story told in the book.  This blog site contains the blogs from the book as well as additional postings written by Nash’s pseudonym.  I hope you enjoy the journey and lessons about which Narvell writes:


What started out as a straight forward set of questions about the financial state of M.E. Burdette Co., where I am employed, has turned into a journey for answers about how you measure success.  Just as important in all of this are the people; if the employees are not engaged and knowledgeable, then it is very difficult to truly succeed (Max Housholder told me that).

These blogs are the questions, thoughts and answers that I have compiled along with my good friend Chris Anselmo from Housholder Sprockets, another manufacturing company here in town.

To learn more about our story, you can buy a copy of our journey from CRC Press entitled The Right Measures: The Story of a Company’s Journey to Find the True Indicators of Its Success and Values.  It is available from CRC Press, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble online.

You can also check out my friends at Pinnacle Partners by following these links:  http://www.ppwest.com     http://www.pinnaclepartnersinc.com      http://www.therightmeasures.com/


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