Struggling with Metrics; Struggling with Change

The better we get, the tougher the journey becomes.

What more can I say about the transformation we are undergoing as a company? Day in and day out I’ve seen, as does our CEO and so many of our managers, the positive change we making as an organization. And yet at the very same time, the pockets of resistance continue to fight back. At times it seems that this resistance is stronger than the momentum for change. Our challenge and the challenge for each of my readers is this: How do we overcome the resistance to cultural change?

What started out as a journey to save our company from financial ruin has evolved to something much more. It is now about changing the culture to succeed long-term. Or has that always been the objective and we (or more appropriately I) did not see it?

In the areas of the M.E. Burdette Co. where the managers jumped on the bus immediately and helped us through the initial financial scare, we seem to do a better job of maintaining the momentum. We appear on the surface anyway to have created true team spirit and a dedication to success and the company. And yet that is not universal.

There are a few departments/teams that once the crisis was over, so was their interest in helping the company ……… in other words they went back to focusing on just their little world.  They appear to be back in step with the naysayers and those managers who appeared from the get-go to be afraid of change.

And I must admit that even Fred Schmidt, CEO and myself have dropped the ball at times.  Fred has canceled several meetings over the past few months which were intended to support our journey.  And as for me, I have not blogged about these topics often enough to keep the issues fresh in people’s minds.

Until this mindset is part of our everyday life, I/We must demand that everyone (including myself) keep their metrics up-to-date.  Our workforce MUST see and understand how they are doing on a daily basis and how they tie into the overall KPIs of the company. 

There MUST be a way to get us through this roadblock we have hit!


About narvelltmann

Currently working first job out of college as a cost analyst for M.E. Burdette Co.
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