It’s Continuous Improvement

And don’t forget it!!!

This journey can be, and most certainly is, a long and rough road.  It’s not about quick incremental changes and short term success.  It is all about the long haul. You must be prepared to make very small changes at times.  You might only be able to convince a very small group, at first, of the need to change and measure the right things.

It starts with helping those who want to succeed find their tape measure.  These believers must understand their place in the organization and how they fit into the big picture.  Then they must measure those few things that truly are important and show success.  Take whatever success you get and build from there.

REMEMBER…….. The organization didn’t get where it is today overnight.  And you are not going to change it overnight.  Accept the fact that it is a journey and embrace it.

Another thing:  Look for those individuals like my roommate Bobby.  The ones that think outside the box.  They might appear on the surface to be a bit off-center, but listening to what they have to say invites ownership on the part of all employees. AND occasionally you find a real gem hidden out there.  Thank you to all the Bobbys of the world.


About narvelltmann

Currently working first job out of college as a cost analyst for M.E. Burdette Co.
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