A Comparison of Companies

Not bad for a first shot out of the box, Narvell. As you can see I tried to align my answers up with yours. I hope this helps you in your search for the answers. Let’s get together Friday night for dinner. I’ll pick you up after work at your house. In the meantime, I strongly suggest you call the Sales Manager in the Northeast Region and ask him why he does what he does.


What I think I know about Engineering (Burdette) …….
Bill Cooke runs the department like a Theory X dictator. He calls the shots and no one crosses him.
Engineering’s deadlines are all set by Bill on inflexible schedules allowing plenty of time to always finish according to schedule.
The department’s goals and objectives look stellar because no one challenges the stated response (due) date of requests submitted. Other areas of the company don’t challenge the dates / timeframes provided by Engineering.
What Chris thinks he knows about Housholder Engineering
• Theory Y through and through. Engineers are given the freedom to succeed.• Deadlines are established by the project team for each project based upon complexity of the project.• Housholder Engineering’s goals are simple: Did we get the project done in time to satisfy our customer.
What I think I know about the company…….
M.E. Burdette is a company built on rules. Do the thing right. Follow the rules.
Success is measured at the department level. Each department has its own set
of metrics that they live and die by. There are more than three or four hundred metrics listed on the Big Board outside the break room for everyone to see. Some areas easily have more than 100 different things they measure.
The Northeast Sales Region ONLY measures 3 things: sales dollars; margin; and cost of sales. And yet, they are the best sales team in the company in spite of having the fewest metrics. Why???
Jimbo has said that the secret to success and a long career is to keep your mouth shut and follow the rules.                                We are a company built on rules and policies. Follow the rules!
Jimbo mentioned that Bill said management was considering hiring away someone from Housholder, or might try to send in a plant to spy on their methods (probably shouldn’t tell anyone this).
Success is based upon in-depth analysis and extremely detailed metrics that measures almost every process in the company.
Management is grown from within (see above from Jimbo re: long careers).
Jimbo also gave me a lot more info , but I think it is just his personal philosophy at this point. Maybe I can discuss some with Chris?
What Chris knows is different about Housholder Sprockets
Housholder is a company built on ethics and doing the right things.
Success is measured with your tape measure: a few simple metrics that have great meaning to the employees on the team. The only rule is that they must, in some way, support the metrics above them in the organizational chart.
Have you asked this manager why he only has 3? Maybe he has found his tape measure.If any manager said that at Housholder they would be shown the door. We need to hear what everyone thinks and knows; ALL THE TIME!Rules again! We have rules, and we are interested in doing both the right things and in doing things right. Why would you need to do that? All you have to do is ask. Our company routinely holds executive roundtables to discuss what companies are doing both right and wrong. We’ve even had competition from within our own industry come a time or two.

Success is ultimately measured by the KPIs of the company; those few things that our CEO and executive management agree are the true tape measure of success.
While our goal is always to grow from within, sometimes you just don’t have the horses (my father said that).
Jimbo sounds pretty smart, if not a bit cautious. Maybe we can both talk to him.


About narvelltmann

Currently working first job out of college as a cost analyst for M.E. Burdette Co.
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