More Questions…

   Got my first cost analysis assignment today. Thought I’d be more excited about it. But when your boss tells you to take a week to do a job that only took a couple of hours, you kind of lose that excitement. It feels as if Bill is playing games with the rest of company. Stretching out deadlines to make sure that Engineering is never late. And then the department looks great when he delivers one day early.

   Question: Maybe I need to see what the average delivery time to the customer is? I think I saw a metric on the Big Board about that. I need to look on Monday. Can’t quite make it out on the photos I took with my phone.

   Question: Why are we not using the ERP system for costing? I forgot to mention that to Annie.

   Question: Remember to ask Annie about the Northeast Sales Region! Why do they only have three metrics in their file? Are there more on the Big Board? Need to look on Monday.

   Annie mentioned that her boss preached ethical behavior and that this was a guiding principle of the company. Bill also preached about living by the company rules. Is there any correlation in these two statements?


About narvelltmann

Currently working first job out of college as a cost analyst for M.E. Burdette Co.
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