What a Day!

What a day! First my head spins after sitting through my first management update meeting. Then I come home to an impromptu party and wind up revisiting my day in total.
    I still have no clue why M.E. Burdette Co. is losing money! Nothing has changed in five hours. However, after visiting with a former roommate at an apparently very successful company here in town, I am challenged, if not still frustrated, to find out what is going on at Burdette.
    In order to figure this thing out, I have been told by Chris Anselmo to find my tape measure. Actually he said “What is your tape measure.” In order to solve the mystery, I need to:
• Figure out what my tape measure is.  Is this mine, or is it M.E. Burdette’s tape measure?
• Start to unravel the mystery of the loss at Burdette by understanding the way we run the company.
• Get as much data as I can to help in this INVESTIGATION.
• Call the Bean, if I need help.
    Sounds so simple when I write it down on paper. But why is it so frustrating? Why is the answer not there? And what can Annie Gerdes, AKA the Bean, do to help. I don’t even know what department she works in.
    Tomorrow I must look back through all the info I saw today and see what is missing. There was lots of good data on the board by the break room. I think we shall start the investigation there.


About narvelltmann

Currently working first job out of college as a cost analyst for M.E. Burdette Co.
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